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An addictive online platform for leadership learning. 

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Being a manager is hard. Transforming into a leader is harder.  That’s why we created LEDA, an app and web-based platform to revolutionize leadership learning.

Next Generation Leadership Development


Turn Managers into Leaders.

Beautifully animated interactive leadership stories create an engaging learning experience.  Embed behaviour change through daily practice and application.


Interactive and impactful learning at scale. Develop leaders at every level.


Track and measure learning with automated reports on individual and team results. See the return on your leadership investment.

6 ways LEDA can help transform your managers into leaders.

Amplify engagement

Master difficult conversations

Armour plate resilience

Create a culture of learning

Negotiate deals that deliver

Drive peak performance

Trusted by Australia’s largest university and developed by world class leadership professors and experts.

Harnessing insights from neuroscience to create effective, long-term skill development and behaviour change through daily practice and application. 

Our LEDA story library is growing, and best of all, we can customise LEDA to tell the stories of your organisation.

Your interactive virtual leadership coach.

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